5 reasons for drinking wine

January 30, 2010 | In: Food facts

Consumed in moderation, wine is a true youth and beauty elixir .It possesses certain virtues absolutely beneficial for the body, enhancing cardio-vascular diseases and even cancer.

People who regularly consume wine presents a low mortality rate when it comes to heart disease. The wine decreases the risk of heart attack by 40% and the risk of cerebral thrombosis by 25%. Specialists say that the wine favorable effect consumption is due to resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant compound that has the power to reduce with 40% the risk of a cardiovascular accident.

According to a study by Dutch researchers, wine significantly increases the life expectancy. People who drink a glass of wine a day will live 3.8 years longer than people who do not get used to it.

Wine diminishes memory problems and even risk of Alzheimer’s disease in a proportion of 80%. This is because wine prevents clots and reduce blood vessel inflammation, which favors the loss of memory problems.

Moderate red wine consumption reduces by 60% the risk of men lung cancer , according to a report published by the American Association for Research on Cancer.

Wine has a protective effect against women ovarian cancer.

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