Amazing Transparent Animals

January 20, 2010 | In: Animal facts for kids

Nature never stops to amaze us with the variety of life forms accomplished in millions of years of adaptive evolution .The appearance of transparent creatures aimed their survival in hostile environments full with predators.

Transparent Jellyfish
Most species of jellyfish that inhabit the Earth seas and oceans don’t have a specific color, being almost invisible. They make use of this adaptive property as an effective means for hiding from predators at night, when even the sharpest eyes will not distinguish them in waves.
This apparent transparency of the jellyfish can the help them when they want to eat, often camouflage tricking prey.

The fish with a transparent head

Macropinna microstoma is a fish reaching only 15 centimeters length, but this fact doesn’t stops him be one redoubtable predator in the abyssal. world . It lives at depths exceeding 600 meters in areas where visibility is almost null. Researchers found that the fish spends most of the time standing still.

Transparent Butterfly

In the deep tropical jungles of Central America, somewhere in the compact forest portion between Mexico and Panama, lives an extraordinary-looking butterfly. Butterfly wings have upper parts colored in vivid black, green, red and yellow. Lower parts of the wings are completely transparent, however, somewhat similar to flies wings.

Transparent Frog
Scientists at Hiroshima University have succeeded in breeding see-through frogs — an innovation that could cut down on future dissections.
The transparent frog is the result of breeding two specimens of Japanese brown frog (Rana japonica) that had a genetic mutation giving them pale skin.

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