Child Development Facts

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Child Development: 6 Months

Children acquire physical and motor skills in specific stages called “milestones.” There are, of course, wide variations between individuals, but general guidelines are useful to assess development.

By six months, babies can usually roll over, and they can sit up with support. They are able to track objects with their eyes, and reach out toward those objects.

Once grasped, objects may be transferred from one hand to the other, or brought to the mouth. One of the best things babies do at sixth months of age is smile in response to their parents’ voices, and sometimes they laugh and chuckle. Babies at this stage of development also enjoy looking at themselves in a mirror or looking at other babies. Peek-a-boo is often a favorite game.

Child Development: 12 Months
By a year of age, babies have generally mastered crawling and have begun walking around furniture while holding on (cruising). They may also be starting to take their first steps. Some babies are proficient walkers at this age, a skill that parents may soon find is a bigger problem than they had imagined.

Twelve-month-old babies can grasp small objects and release them easily. Both hands are generally used without obvious preference. At this stage, objects are more likely to be dropped on purpose and then picked up once again rather than being placed in the mouth.

Babies at this age will turn when their name is called and they begin to show some understanding of language. These babies will also demonstrate affection with familiar adults.

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