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June 16, 2012 | In: Geography Facts

Chile is a South American Country and one of the longest in the World. It’s over 2700 miles long, and over 100 miles. As you imagine it, you can see it has an unusual form as well. The total geographical area of Chile is almost 300000 square miles. The capital city of Chile is Santiago de Chile, but most people just call it Santiago.

Being on of the longest countries in the world, stretching from North to South, it’s easy to understand why the climatic conditions can swing from the dry Atacama Desert in the North, to a Mediterranean one in the center, and rainy temperate in the south. It’s the exact opposite climate of the US.

Till the 16th century, Northern Chile was ruled by Inca rule and Central and Southern Chile was occupied by Mapuches, also known as ‘Araucanian Indians’.

Natural resources found in Chile are timber, iron ore, nitrates, copper and precious metals. Chile is also rich in hydro-power.

Wheat, corn, beans, grapes, timber, fish and beef are the common agriculture produce. One of the fun facts about Chile is that it is the second largest producer of salmon in the world.

Chile exports fish, fruits, copper, paper and pulp and chemicals.

There are 2000 volcanoes in Chile, out of which 50 are active volcanoes.

Chileans are considered the most formal in the whole of South America. Men greet each other with a handshake while women greet each other in an informal setting by giving a single kiss on a cheek.

A 10 day holiday spent in the Republic of Chile will surely give you a glimpse not only of its extraordinary culture, but you’ll surely have a good image of the whole continent.



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