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Marcus Tullius Cicero was a famous roman orator, born in central Italy, in a well respected family.

Even from an early age, he studiud greek phylosophy and literature, mainly because of his parent’s desire for him to have a legal profession. But despite all that, at the age of 17, he went to war. He remained in the army just for a few months. But the more humane part of things interested him the most, getting his name spoken all over Italy.

At 30 years old, he became questor of Sicily, the one responsible with Rome’s corn supply.

10 years after, he became praetor. Just for 2 years, though, because in 66 B.C., he became consul of Rome.

But these aren’t the things that made him famous throughout history. His real merits rest in the fact that Greek Philosophy and literature came and upgraded The Roman Empire, mainly through his hands.

His works and writtings made Rome the biggest empire in history.

Although he brought Socrates and Plato to Italy, he managed to make a Roman kind of philosophy, based on 2 main facts: the duty for your country, and the duty to man as man.

After that, Rome took the best Greek Philosophy had to offer and highlighted the consciousness of humanity, frequently stating phrases like”The fellowship of the human race”,”The Citizenship of the world”; because he really believed in them.

He was a theist person, haveing faith in many Roman Gods. That is why many of his thoughts always went in an ethical direction.

Cicero was a man who gave much interest to the moral side of things and because of him, the world looks like it does nowadays.

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