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June 28, 2010 | In: Sport Facts

So, are you bored with your weekly workout routine? Why not try some fun and challenging exercise variations? Going through the same old thing week after week will leave your mind asking for a change. If your mind is board, think what your body must be going through. Just as a day of rest can invigorate you, so can a day or two of alternate exercises. After consulting with some of my “nutty friends” we came up with some extremely diverse body burning and lunge searing workouts.

You may want to try only one or two examples in a given day do to the probability of your body rebelling the following 24 hours.

Extreme Pull-ups: Using an overhead bar, you will use every imaginable grip position. Do each position until failure. Start with a wide grip and go behind the neck. Then go in front of the neck with all grip variations. Once you’ve done this, repeat with your hands reversed. If you want a broad back this one is for you!

Extreme running: Running backwards will build your calves to the point your never seen before. Sure it looks a little silly, so if you feel uncomfortable try doing it around an industrial park after hours. Oh, by the way, don’t forget to look over your shoulder once in a while.

Extreme bounding: If you’ve seen someone do the triple-jump, you’ll get the hang of this one. Basically, you’re trying to cover as much ground as possible with each step. Start bounding forward with arms swinging and continue this motion for approximately 100 yards. Repeat up to 20 times. See if you can take fewer and fewer steps to cover the 100 yards with your next attempt. This is a plyometric exercise which will increase leg power.

Extreme hiking: Next time your out hoofin’ up your local fire road, try this one on for size. When you come to a section with at least a 6% grade, start doing walking lunges until you reach the top. When you try to sit on the “pot” the following day you’ll know what muscle group was worked.

Extreme grip strength: Finger tip push-ups will give you the grip of an eagles claw. Vary the width of your hands as well as the direction your fingers point.

Extreme exhaustion: Next time you’re in the weight room, select the following five exercises at a weight that is only 20% of your one rep maximum: Squat, pulldown, bench press, shoulder press and ab crunches. Do each exercise in the order given and complete just one set of each until absolute failure. This means absolute failure not, “Oh, I had about enough.”

Extreme stretching: This may be a good one to do the day after any of the above are completed. Take one COMPLETE hour from your day and stretch the entire body. Be sure to slow your breathing to relax your mind as well as your body. If a muscle is tense it won’t stretch to its full limits. Listening to Enya always works for me.

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