Facts about adoption

March 3, 2012 | In: People facts

Adoption is a juridical procedure through which a family or a couple can adopt an institutionalized child or in some cases, a child from a family that mistreats him.

In the USA, there are approximately 120,000 adoptions every year. The number is slowly growing, but not significantly. When we hear about adoption, it’s meaning for us goes only in one way. But, in fact, adoption has many forms:

Public Adoption: children in the public welfare are placed in permanent homes.

Private Adoption: children are placed in a non-related home by a non-profit or for-profit agency, licensed by the State in which it operates.

Kinship Adoption: children are placed in a related home, with or without the help from an agency.

Stepparent Adoption: children are adopted by the spouse of one birth parent.

Trans-racial Adoption: children are placed in a different race family.

International Adoption: children are adopted in foreign family.

Statistics show that 2% of unmarried mothers place their child for adoption.

The United States of America has the highest rate of adoptions, with approximately 3 in 100 children adopted, followed by Sweden and Norway, both having an average of 1.1 children adopted.

More than 7 million people in America are adopted.

It is said that 100 million Americans have adoptions in their immediate families(cousin, brother, aunt, etc.).

More than 60% of the institutionalized children spend between 2 and 5 years in foster homes before being adopted, and 20% spend more than that.

40% of the children that are now in foster homes have been taken from their families before the age of 2, because of malnutrition of poor healthcare.

Adopting a child is a very beautiful thing and the world needs it. So, next you cry about not getting a cool toy, think of all the children who live in foster homes.

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