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In it’s full name, Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni, lived from the 6th of March 1475, to February, 1564 and was an Italian Renaissance sculptor, painter, architect, writer, poet and engineer.

Michelangelo lost his mother at an early age. His father was very angry when he found out that Michelangelo wanted to become an artist. Michelangelo was often beaten by his father and uncles when he first began to draw.

Michelangelo’s most famous art works are The Pieta (1499), the giant Statue of David (1501-1504), the paintings on the ceiling of the Sistine Chape

l (1508-1512) and The Last Judgment (1534-1541) on the altar wall of the same chapel, one of the most discussed-over paintings in history.

Michelangelo painted over 300 figures on the Sistine Chapel ceiling. The interesting part is that each one of them is unique. Not even two of them are alike or featuring the same poses. It is said that Michelangelo had an incredible memory and he never painted or sculpted the same likeness or pose twice because he remembered every single thing he’s ever done.

Michelangelo was mostly known as a famous sculptor, painter and architect but few know that he was also a prolific poet. He composed over 250 pieces of poetry during his life.

Michelangelo was very poor but he liked this state. The food for him was more necessity than pleasure and often his diet consisted just of bread and wine. Sometimes he would eat his dinner while he worked, chewing on a piece of bread as he painted.
Michelangelo died in Rome weakened by fever on February 18, 1564 and according to his wishes his body was secretly moved to his beloved city of Florence where he is brried in a tomb designed by Giorgio Vasari in Santa Croce.

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