Francisco Pizarro – interesting facts

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Francisco Pizarro was born in Trujillo, Spain to a poor family, he never learned to read or write. He lived in Hispaniola until he was a young adult. He explored Panama and help found Panama City. Because the rest of Europe was trying to get past the Americas to the riches to the riches of the Indies, Spain thought the Americas might have even more riches then the Indies. Then he sailed south along the western coast of South America for the king of Spain, he went in search of land, riches, and power.

He led the attack on the Incas and won San Migaul (Piura)in 1528. Later his forces attacked the Inca city of Cajamarcra. There he captured the Inca king Atahuapla. He demanded ransom for Atahuapla’s life, he got the ransom but killed Atahuapla anyway. Without a king the Incas felt helpless, so it was easier to conquer them. His conquest of Peru was good for Spain because it was full of gold, silver, and other riches. He was appointed governor of Peru by the king of Spain. But his conquest had it’s mess-ups, like when his brother led an expedition into the rain forest that became a nightmare of starvation, cannibalism, and death. In the late 1530′s Almagro, his partner in conquering the Incas went to war with Pizarro. They fought over the former Inca mountain capital of Cusco until Pizarro won in 1538. He then executed Almagro, but in 1541 Almagro’s followers and his son killed Pizarro.

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