Fun facts about Ohio

March 17, 2012 | In: Geography Facts

Thestate ohio state of Ohio became a member of the Union on the 1st of March, 1803. Thus, it became the 17th state to become a member. The capital city is Columbus.

The state of Ohio is well known for the high-interest it gives to people. For instance, the first ambulance service in the USA was established in Cincinnati, in 1865.

Also, Cincinnati had the first fire department in the US.

The first city that used police cars was Akron, the Rubber Capital of the World.

The American Federation of Labor was founded in Columbus.

Ohio is the place where John Lambert made America’s first automobile in 1891.

The first full-time automobile service station was founded in Ohio, in 1899.

Cleveland was the first electrically lighted city, in 1879.

In 1869, W.F. Semple from Mount Vernon, patented the chewing gum.

The first professional baseball team was the Cincinnati Reds.

Although the state of Ohio is a citizen-centered state, there are a few laws that aren’t so interested in welfare and simply make us laugh. Here’s a bunch of them:

Women are prohibited to wear patented leather shoes in public.

It is illegal to fish for whales on Sundays.

Breast feeding is not allowed in public.

It is illegal for more than 5 women to live in the same house.

Skateboarding at night is illegal, in Akron.

In Cincinnati it is illegal to catch mice without a hunting license.

In Columbus it is illegal for stores to sell cornflakes on Sundays.

In Paulding, a police officer may bite a dog to shut him up.

There are many laws that make us raise an eyebrow, but at least these ones are funny.

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