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Phone that baffles the cat

A cat has developed ??a weird hobby for a phone, even if she doesn’t understand how it works. Besides the fact that she does not speak, is behaving “copy” the secretary. Thw cat that fell in love with landline is called Candy Cane. On the phone she can hear the master’s voice, a voice that she can easily recognize. It is, however, puzzled, not knowing exactly how to react. Also giving the prowl, ultimately Candy Cane consider the machine is just an object on the table only good to be thrown away, and that’s exactly what she does, not knowing how else to tackle.

Babies love music too

Babies are adorable, but when then dance, as in a recording posted on YouTube, the show is complete. The video was posted on Youtube by the father of two daughters of 11 months old. At the sound of the guitar, they suddenly begin to dance. Everything else disappears, even the food is not so tempting when they hear the song. Dancing twins are real, the image is not processed at all. The two babies take a short look one at the other, synchronizing their moves to the sound of the guitar.

He just wanted to surprise her beloved one

Hu Seng a Chinese man was close to death by choking after he wanted to make a surprise to his girlfriend and sent himself by mail.
He was put in a box and sent to the address by the postal workers at the office where he worked, but it was lost on the road for three hours.
When the package finally reached the destination, the Chinese girl had a shock, finding Seng Hu inside, nearly dead. The ones that witnessed the event immediately called the paramedics that were able to resuscitate the man. “I never realized that it would take so long. I tried to make a hole in the box, but the cardboard was too thick and I did not want to ruin the surprise,” said Hu Seng, after he woke up.

Larry, the government kitten catches her first mouse

Larry the cat, “hired” by the British Government to clean up the Government building, had a successful hunt, annihilating a mouse.
After a year of its “installation” Larry, finally managed to take his role seriously and contributed to the welfare of Great Britain.
Larry was found standing very proud beside his first prey, or at least its first confirmed prey.
Larry, five years old, was brought to Downing Street to solve the rats’ problem inside the building of the headquarters of the British Government, but so far he has earned a reputation as lazy, sleeping all the time.
In fact, Larry has a special status to the Government, all the doors being open for him and he is even helped to enter the building.

Three baby penguins escaped three times from a Japanese zoo.

Perhaps caregivers from Suzaka Zoo (Japan) should take seriously the possibility to no longer allow the penguins to watch the “Madagascar” DVD.
There will be no problem with it, but three baby penguins were able to escape, in the last days, three times.
Caregivers barely managed to recover them and to “strengthen the security measures” to prevent further escape attempts.
It is the first time when penguins managed to escape from captivity in Japan.
Earlier this year, a Humboldt breed penguin fled the zoo in Tokyo and spent 82 days in freedom.
Finally, the authorities were able to catch him in Tokyo Bay.

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