Hernando Cortes – interesting facts

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Cortes was born in Medellin, Spain. As a child he was ill most of the time. When he was fourteen, his parents sent him to school in hopes he would be a lawyer. But after 2 years he quit school to seek adventure. His father had been an officer in the Spanish army. In 1504, he left for Cuba after learning about geting rich fast. He bought an estate in Cuba and before long, he was rich. Cortes was a risk-taker in love affairs. It was said that Cortes’ favorite things where gambling and women.

The governor Velasquis got suspicious that Cortes would take his place. So he threw Cortes in prison. Cortes got out, but nobody knows how. Once, he learned about the gold city that the Indians had. He convinced the governor to let him go. Cortes spent his time buying muskets, ammunition, crossbows, and navigational instruments. Then he set sail for Mexico with 508 men and 100 sailors. When he landed, Cortes was attacked by the Talascan Indians. In that fight the Spanish lost 2 men, even though the Indians lost 800 men. Later Aztec men greeted them. They gave Cortes gold and silver.

Cortes decided to make a colony of his own. Montezuma, the Aztec leader, sent more gifts in hopes that Cortes would go away. But he did not go away. They wanted to capture Tecnochtitlan. On the way there they ran into the Talascan Indians. Cortes tried to explain, but the Indians would not listen. With thousands of men the Indians attacked Cortes and his 400 men. After a long time the Indians fled. But soon they came back. Cortes learned that more then 4,000 wanted to join him. Then Montezuma sent a letter inviting Cortes to come to Tecnochtitlan. The Indians with Cortes warned him.

Next Cortes went to Cholula. One day, it looked like the Indians were going to attack them. But Cortes attacked first. His men massacred the Indians. On Nov. 1, 1519, Cortes started the march. On Nov. 8, his men reached the capital. Soon war broke out. The Spanish killed Aztecs for their jewelry. On Nov. 30, 1920 Cortes’ men were massacred. With only a handful of men, Cortes retreated. Later, more Spanish came and Cortes defeated the all powerful Aztec.

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