Interesting facts about Budapest

April 24, 2012 | In: City Facts

Budapest is the capital city of Hungary. Being raised on the banks of the Danube River, it’s one of the most beautiful cities in central Europe.

The city is named like this since 1873, when Buda, Pestand Old Buda parts joined together.

Budapest has 1.7 million inhabitants and is divided in 23 districts. Like most of the big cities in Europe, it has an astounding history, meaning all sorts of people passed through it, and many remained. For instance, in the first part of the 19th century, many Jews came and remained in Budapest. That is why the city is the home of the largest synagogue in Europe:

Dohány Street Synagogue is colossal. It is able to house 3000 people and is stretching 44 meters high. The total size of this temple has over 2000 square meters.  It is the second largest synagogue in the world, after one in New York.

Budapest also has the oldest underground railway system in mainland Europe. Apart from London off the mainland – whose underground lines are the oldest in the world -Budapest can proudly boast some of the oldest metro railways in the world, with work beginning on the system in 1896. But there are only three lines and in order to get onto the others you have to change at one station. Something London might struggle with in rush hour.

And last, but not least,Budapest has more thermal springs below the city than any other capital in the world. The springs have given birth to dozens of medicinal baths all over the city and can produce an amazing 70 million liters of water every single day. There are also over 100 springs that have been enjoyed by many of the patrons and visitors of Budapest since the Roman Empire.

I hope these things gave you the necessary impulse to want to visit Budapest any time soon.

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