Interesting facts about computers and laptops

September 1, 2009 | In: Technology Facts

The very first computer that used a stored program and data was built in 1948, and it contained only 1,024 bits! Before this computer (called “Baby”) was built, computers had to be rewired every time they were reprogrammed. Baby’s on-screen memory held both data and the instructions in the program, and could be reprogrammed electronically.

Baby was truly a baby, with only 1,024 bits of memory, and it could only run 700 instructions per second, but it was a real computer.

The more commonly accepted ancestor of the modern laptop is the Gavilan SC, a truly portable computer introduced in 1983.

Many tired people use their laptops as a pillow and fall asleep on it!

More than 12,000 laptops go missing at US airports a week!

The most expensive laptop cost 1 milion dollars and is produced by Luvaglio .

Computers are programmed to carry out instructions. These instructions are usually very simple and require adding numbers together, moving data from one place to another etc.

Did you know more than 12,000 laptops go missing at US airports a week!

Computers are used to help link the world in the form of networks. Networked computers allow users to share and exchange data that is stored in different locations.

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