Interesting facts about famous dictators

September 3, 2009 | In: History facts

No matter how warm he feels, Hitler will never take off his coat in public.

Hitler had only one testicle.

The word “Stalin” means ‘man of steel and wasn’t his real name. He was from Georgia so his real name wasJoseph Dshugashvili. His mother was a washerwoman and his father a shoe maker.

Ms Scicolone, 66, the younger sister of the actor Sophia Loren, married Romano Mussolini, the dictator’s youngest son and a noted jazz musician.

Fidel Castro has at least eight children.

Castro claims he survived 634 attempts on his life.

One of Castro’s pet projects was a cow called Ubre Blanca, or “White Udder”.

1980, Saddam Hussein received a key to the city of Detroit.

Idi Amin was heavyweight boxing champion of Uganda from 1951 to 1960. Amin fathered 43 children.

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