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Kenya, formerly known as British East Africa, became independent in 1963 and a republic in 1964.

Kenya has been named after Mount Kenya, a very significant landmark in the country.Kenya means ‘white mountain’ .

There are 70 tribes in Kenya. The Kikuyu tribe is the biggest with 20% of the population.

Kenya is a country which is comparable in size to the US state of Texas.

Professor Maathai, the Kenyan environmentalist, was the first African woman to win Nobel Peace Prize, in 2004.

Kenya has a population of 32.8 million people.

Kenya is famous for its safaris, which are held in the Kenya’s national parks.

Life expectancy is 52 years although some say it’s closer to 47 due to HIV/AIDS.

Giant crocodile fossils have been discovered in Kenya, dating from the Mesozoic Era, over 200 million years ago.

The Portuguese were the first Europeans to explore the region of current-day Kenya, Vasco da Gama having visited Mombasa in 1498.

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