interesting facts about magnets

November 12, 2009 | In: Science facts

Lodestones were what the first magnets were called.

Magnets can be used to decrease the white cell blood count which increases in most diseases.

Magnets are found in telephones, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, televisions and more.

There are different types of magnets: permanent/hard, temporary/soft, electromagnets.

Many scientists believe that birds are able to find their way home by using the Earth’s magnetic field to guide them on long distance flights.

Usually, magnets are made of steel or iron. However, special alloys of iron, nickel, copper, cobalt, and aluminum can be made into powerful magnets.

Noted Greek physician, author and educator, Galen, referred to magnetism as an excellent purgative (laxative).

Materials that respond strongly to a magnetic field are called ferromagnetic.

Magnetic properties are used in generators to produce electricity.

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