Interesting facts about presidents

August 19, 2009 | In: People facts

Clinton and George W. Bush were not the only draft dodgers of war, Grover Cleveland, was accused by his Presidential Election opposing candidate of being one also, because he paid a man $150 to take his place.

Herbert Hoover’s son had 2 pet alligators. He was also the first President to have a telephone in the White House.

Thomas Jefferson read Greek, Latin, French and English.

Jimmy Carter was the first President born in a hospital.

John F. Kennedy was the youngest elected president, first catholic president.

Ronald Reagan announced Chicago Cubs games for WHO radio in Des Moines. Later he became a famous movie and television actor.

Theodore Roosevelt was the first American to win the Nobel Peace Prize (1906).

Abraham Lincoln was the tallest president and the first president to be assassinated.

Barack Obama is the first african-american to become president.

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