Interesting Facts about Spain

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During the 16th century, Spain was one of the most powerful empires in the world.

Same-sex marriage is legal in Spain.Spain legalized gay marriage in June 2005 despite strong opposition from the Catholic Church.

In Spain, everyone has two surnames. The first is your father’s first surname and the second is your mother’s first surname.

In Spain, lunch is eaten at about 2pm and dinner is eaten at about 9pm.

Spain was one of the first European countries to ban smoking in in all workplaces, and bars and restaurants (from 2006).

Children must remain at school until the age of 16, when they should matriculate by passing their ESO – Enseñanza Secundaria Obligatoria.

The guitar was invented in Andalucia, originating from Arab lutes and in about the 1790s a sixth string was added.

Spain produces 44% of all the earth’s olive oil.

California, Los Angeles and Las Vegas are all Spanish words and not English words.

The Population of Spain is estimated to be just over 46 million.

Spain has the highest number of bars, restaurants and coffee shops, in the European Union, more exactly 344.426 !!!

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