Interesting Facts about Tokio

September 10, 2009 | In: Countries facts

Tokyo, capital of Japan, is one of the world’s biggest and most overcrowded cities. Men known as ‘pushers’ are employed to pack people onto the city’s trains.

Tokyo is the seat of the Japanese government, home of the Emperor of Japan and is the capital of the country.

Earlier, Tokyo was a small fishing village named ‘Edo’, meaning estuary. Later, when it became the imperial capital of Japan, in 1868, its name was changed to Tokyo.

The name ‘Tokyo’ literally translates to ‘Eastern Capital’.

Japan has about 1,500 earthquakes each year.

McDonalds employees will run outside to give you your drive-thru order.

The Japanese visit shrines and give eachother money for New Year’s.

You may already know that you don’t wear shoes in the house, you wear slippers, but did you also know that there are special slippers designed to be worn when visiting the toilet? There are also special ‘corridor’ slippers.

In Japan, flower arranging is an art.

Tokyo has so many people, that in the summer a giant heat bubble forms over the city that increases the average temperature by 10 degrees.

The new generation of Japanese people are not as short as Westerners think.

Japanese people tend to believe that all foreign countries, especally America, are dangerous places to visit.

You can buy batteries, beer, wine, condoms, cigarettes, comic books, hot dogs, light bulbs, and used women’s underwear from vending machines.

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