Interesting facts about Volkswagen Cars

October 27, 2009 | In: Facts about cars

Volkswagen means “people’s car” in German.

In 1947, Volkswagen signed a deal to export cars to the Netherlands, and it was then that the car, now known as the Volkswagen Beetle became, available to the general public.

The Volkswagen Golf has been around since 1974 .

The predecessor to the Volkswagen Golf is the famous Volkswagen Beetle.

In 2007, more than 25 million Volkswagen Golfs had been sold.

Volkswagen has been selling clean diesel-powered engines for the European market since 2003.

The Volkswagen Passat (Dasher in the U.S.), introduced in 1973, was again simply a fastback (available as either a hatchback or with separate boot) version of the Audi 80, using identical body and mechanical parts.

In the United States and in Canada the Volkswagen Golf is known as the Volkswagen Rabbit while in Mexico it is known as the Volkswagen Caribe.

The Volkswagen Golf Mk1 car is the first generation of Volkswagen Golf cars.

Third-generation Golf was European Car of the Year for 1992.

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