Interesting Raccoon Facts

February 24, 2012 | In: Animal facts for kids

RaccoonThe raccoon scientific name, Procyon Lotor, can be roughly translated as “before the dog”, meaning that this little cute animal, is actually an ancestor of the common dog.

The raccoon has a robust body, broad head and pointed nose. It’s ears are usually an inch and a half long, rounded and erect. The raccoon is a very intelligent and curious creature. Its black, alerted eyes indicate just that it likes to look and explore different things. Raccoon fur is usually grizzled gray or silver tipped with black, and measures up to 2 inches.

The raccoon is omnivorous, meaning they eat almost what the average human being is eating: meat and plants. Raccoons, like many animals that live in the woods, eat a lot during the autumn, because they need to gain fat, in order to prepare themselves for the winter dormancy. By spring, most of the raccoons lose up to 50% of their body weight.

These little creatures are most active at night, mostly in the period between an hour after sunset and an hour before the dawn. During the day, the raccoons tend to sleep in their ground beds, which are often situated on high places in swamps or agricultural fields.

The breeding season is at its all time high during February and early March, especially because the temperatures start to rise. The gestation period takes 63 days, and by April or early May, an average of 4 cubs are born.

It the state of Wisconsin, the raccoons are a real problem, because they tend to eat all the crops in the agricultural zones. Although they look cute, the raccoons are known for being very aggressive, and in the event that you see one in the road, please stay in the car.

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