Interesting smoking facts

June 4, 2009 | In: Medical facts

There are over 4,000 dangerous chemicals in cigarettes, cigars and pipes smoke . Many of these chemicals are cancer-causing (carcinogen).

Each day 3,000 children smoke their first cigarette.

More than 400,000 deaths in the U.S. each year are from smoking-related illnesses. Smoking greatly increases your risks for lung cancer and many other cancers.

Two to four cigarettes in a row increase blood fats 200 to 400%. The average smoker (30 cigarettes per day) has 4 to 6 times the chance of having heart disease if he’s in the 45-54 year age group.

China are 300 million smokers who devour approximately 1.7 trillion cigarettes a year, or 3 million cigarettes a minute.

Cigarettes are responsible for about 25% of deaths from residential fires, causing nearly 1,000 fire-related deaths and 3,300 injuries each year.

Smoking reduces life expectancy by 7 – 8 years. That means, each cigarette shortens the life of the smoker by around 8 minutes.

You are likely to live 14 years longer if you don’t smoke.

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