Interesting vegetable facts

September 7, 2009 | In: Food facts

Darker green vegetables contain more vitamin C than lighter green vegetables.

Tomatoes are not a vegetable, they are a fruit. They were once considered a type of apple by France and Italy and used to be yellow, not orange or red.

The world’s largest watermelon on record weighed over 260 pounds.

Carrots can help you to see better in the dark. That’s because carrots contain lots of Vitamin A, which helps to prevent “night blindness”.

The longer that fruits or vegetables sit around waiting to be sold or eaten, the more nutrients they lose.

Potatoes and lettuce are the two most popular vegetables in the US. Americans eat about 145 lbs of potato per person per year and 30 lbs of lettuce per year.

Common celery can be eaten raw or cooked, but Chinese celery is best eaten cooked in stir-fry, soup or fried rice.

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