interesting Venus facts

December 4, 2009 | In: Space Facts

Venus rotates backwards compared to the other planets.

The atmospheric pressure at the surface of Venus is 92 times that of the Earth.

The volume is Venus is 928,400,000,000 km3, while its mass is 4,868,5 x 1020 kg and density is 5.24 g/cm3.

Venus is the brightest of all planets. It is the brightest object in the sky except for the Sun and the Moon.

Venus is very close in size to the Earth, 95% of the Earth’s radius.

Venus is named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty.

The speed of Venus is 35 km per second.

It takes 243 days for Venus to make a rotation.Venus has no magnetic field, perhaps because of its slow rotation.

Venus is the flattest planet in the solar system .

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