iPod Interesting Facts

April 7, 2010 | In: Technology Facts

It’s a known fact that the iPod is the most popular music player available today. Since debuting in 2001, nothing has been able to surpass it.

Apple’s iTunes software can be used to transfer music to the devices from computers using certain versions of Apple Macintosh and Microsoft Windows operating systems.

The full range of sound for an average iPod is about 120 decibels. To put that in perspective, that’s like standing next to a jet as it takes off!

The designer of the iPod, Jonathan Ive, was voted more influential than JK Rowlings.

Many accessories have been made for the iPod line. A large number are made by third party companies, although many, such as the late iPod Hi-Fi, are made by Apple. Some accessories add extra features that other music players have, such as sound recorders, FM radio tuners, wired remote controls, and audio/visual cables for TV connections.

Although there is no world record for the greatest number of songs stored on an iPod (considering the various sizes of Apple iPods available), the consensus is that approximately 16,000 songs is about the limit.

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