Jacques Cartier facts

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Jacques Cartier facts

Personal Life
Jacques Cartier was born in St. Malo, Breton. He was born to Jame Cartier and Geseline Jansart in 1491. Jacques Cartier was about 20 when he married Marie Katherine des Granches in 1519.

Cartier’s Voyages
On Cartier’s first voyage, he left from St. Malo, Britain, to look for gold. He sailed around New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. Then he met a tribe of Iroquois Indians who were very friendly and sent two of their boys to help them find gold. Instead, with a little help, Cartier found what is now the Gulf of the St. Lawrence, which is an important discovery in history. It is important because the St. Lawrence river goes into the Great Lakes. People could explore further into the New World by sailing down the St. Lawrence river.

Cartier sailed to Canada. One of the places he sailed to was Quebec, where a brutal winter struck and killed 25 of his men. He also sailed to the Georgian Bay and Cape Brenton Island. Another place he sailed to was the Gulf of the St. Lawrence. Cartier named it that because he was there on All Saints Day.

On Cartier’s first voyage, his ship ran into some rapids and he was forced to go back. On his third voyage, he found icebergs and foggy weather which stopped him from going any further.

Cartier had two ships on his first voyage. The two ships had 61 men and weighed 60 tons. On Cartier’s later voyages he would have three, four, or even five ships. Cartier had three voyages.

Jacques Cartier had a wonderful reputation as a navigator. Some people said he was a “solid navigator”; “an excellent commander”. Others said he was just a leader of men. As you can see, Jacques Cartier was a wonderful man because he explored so much in American history. He died when he was about 78.

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