Jatropha, the oil tree

January 30, 2010 | In: Science facts

A large number of businessmen, especially fromUnited States has dedicated to the growth of a tree from the Caribbean ( who grows in India, Australia, Madagascar, Brazil and Kenya too) .

The name of the tree is Jatropha and is a very resistant tree which does not need too much water or special care.

When squeezed, the fruit tree of Jatropha gives an oil with which can be refined and turned into fuel, with the advantage that is environmentally.

For cultivation of Jatropha tree are spent around two U.S. dollars per tree, and seeds can be bought on the Internet or from another grower.

The derived fuel from Jatropha tree fruit has already been tested on a Boeing 747, belonging to Air New Zealand. Using 50% Jatropha oil and 50% traditional fuel, the aircraft reduced its emissions of greenhouse gases in half.

Jatropha tree has a downside: an increased sensitivity to temperatures below 0 degrees.

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