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Joan of Arc was born in 1412 in France and died in 1431.

When Joan was thirteen years old, she claimed she heard God’s voice telling her she was chosen by him to help him and to do great super human things. Three years later she again claimed she heard Saint Michael, Saint Catherine, and Saint Margaret telling Joan to help the dauphin, the eldest son of the French king.

So she went to the king dressed as a young man by cutting her hair,but he was dressed as a peasant and someone was in his place at the throne. Joan knew this and told the person in the king’s chair that they
were not the king, then she walked into the bunched crowed and found the king and bowed. The king was surprised and asked what she wanted of him.

Joan said she was there to help him defeat England, he gave her his troopsand she thanked him.
In May 1429, Joan pushed the English out of the city of Orleans,and in June she defeated the English at Patay. Joan received thanks and the dauphin was crowned King Charles VII at the city of Reims.

A few months later Joan tried to protect Paris from the English, but she failed and was captured and sold to England by Philip of Burgundy.

She was chained up and imprisoned in the castle of Rouen.At the court at Rouen, Joan was to be tried for witchcraft, heresy and for wearing male clothing, which was considered an offense against the church. Joan was convicted and on May 30, 1431 she was burned at the stake in the Rouen market place. Charles VII made no attempt to come to her rescue.

In 1456 a second trial was held and she was pronounced innocent of the charges against her. She was beatified in 1909 and canonized in 1920.

Joan of Arc was famous for the courage and bravery to fight for not just only her king but for what she believed in. When she was burning she did not scream she stood there while tears trickled down her face. The reason for these tears was that she helped her country but at this time her country did not help her.

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