Nap, water, and yoga – three little words will change your life

June 28, 2010 | In: interesting articles

We often think that any athletic enhancing product or program will be costly, time consuming, and sometimes unattainable. Well, I have just three words for you; nap, water, and yoga. These three little words will change your life. This isn’t to mention they will also make you ride faster and further.

First the napping. Your schedule may not permit you to get an hour of shut eye each day. Napping is very effective even if you just lay down and close your eyes for ten minutes. It’s a great way to get a little mental and physical recharge. Doing this shortly after completing a grueling ride will make you better able to recover for the next days miles. It seems to be most effective in a dark, quiet room. You can use this time to reflect on the ride you’ve completed, or alleviate all thought and try meditating. If you’ve never tried this, there are several useful books that can get you started.

Some people find that napping for 10-15 minutes does them just fine. It allows forrecovery without making them fell groggy or disoriented. Others find that a cat nap just doesn’t do them justice, and isn’t worth the effort. Find out what works best for you by experimenting.

Water, H20, the essence of life. We all need it, yet as athletes we often don’t drink enough. Hey, I do it too. Sometimes it seems like a hassle to remember those eight glasses every day. Who wants to spend half the day in the restroom anyway?

Here are some interesting facts about water that may have you calling Arrowhead today. The more water you drink, the less you retain. This means you’re not going to get all puffy and bloated looking by drinking more water. Actually, your body becomes more efficient at eliminating waist products when it has an adequate supply of water. Water has zero calories, so that “calorie” excuse is gone. We’re in the sun an awful lot as we ride, and this dries our skin. Water helps maintain the soft and healthy skin we all desire. In other words, don’t turn into a leather hand bag. Water empties from your stomach the fastest when it’s 42 degrees. So much for that old tale of “the cold water gave me cramps.” If cramps occur from drinking water, it’s simply from drinking too much in a short period of time. It’s near impossible to have a water bottle stay at 42 degrees, but the one in the fridge when you get home sure feels refreshing.

Yoga…this conjures up all sorts of thoughts of Earthy people with braids, chanting as they place themselves in precarious positions. This may apply is some cases, but it doesn’t have to for you. Yoga is many different things to each person who does it. To some, it’s a passion and a way of life. To others, it’s simply a stretching routine and a way to unwind. There are a couple of reasons why cyclist should do yoga. First, we are the most non-flexible group of athletes I know. Second, It’s an easy way to cross-train when we’re tired from cycling all week. And finally, It truly makes you understand in great depth how your body works. Your breathing on climbs will be smoother. Your recovery will be faster. You’ll even increase the length of your season by not burning out so fast. Try yoga, it works.

These three little words will change your cycling performance and certainly improve the quality of your life. Simply try it for one week. If you’re not completely satisfied, you can have your sleepy, dehydrated, and stiff body back at no charge.

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Interesting facts

July 4th, 2010 at 11:54 am

Yoga means “yoke” or ‘to join”. The word Yoga is usually used with the word “Hatha”. Hatha is the union of two Sanskrit words, Ha-Sun, & Tha-moon. So we have: Sun-moon-yoke, This is a way of saying “the union of opposites”. This idea of creating harmony out of opposition is the philosophical foundation that yoga is is based on.

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