Public Transportation History

January 3, 2010 | In: History facts

When we go up in an overcrowded bus and maybe with no air conditioning we will certainly l transpire with next t o dozen other bodies. Perhaps in that moment we want the public transportation to not ever been invented and people to continued to go on foot or on horses to reach their destination.

Our trouble started with more than 5,000 years ago when the wheel was invented.
Despite the age that the wheel has, it has been necessary several thousand years for it to be improved enough to face the important role it has today.

Meanwhile people improved the marine transport, which seems to have been among the first forms of transportation.

In 1640 public transportation was divided into social classes : the richest people traveling in the crowded carriage (up to 8 in number) , middle class people must fit the rear basket attached to the vehicle while the poorer people stood on the roof of carriages, above luggage, facing directly the risk of fall.

The first bus was set in motion in 1662, at the initiative of Blaise Pascal. The bus will then gave a travel schedule, a fixed route, a charge carrier and of course, horses to put it in motion.

In 1775, James Watt perfected the steam engine setting in motion the of madness of public transportation.
From now on trains, buses, boats, all will use the steam engine to “improve” life of the masses.

In 1807 was invented the first steam vessel that carries passengers.In 1825 it was built the world’s first public railway between the cities of Stockton and Darlington.

In 1863 in London was built the first subway in the world. Hallidie patented the inventions that made cable traction possible and the world’s first cable tram system commenced operation in San Francisco in 1873.

Air Transportation was born in 1910 with the first line of airships to undertake carriage of passengers, built by Ferdinand von Zeppelin.

The 20 century has improved pretty much everything was invented by then. Unfortunately not enough. We expect the 21st century to create some teleportation devices and resolve once and for all matters such as traffic, neighbors sweat in the bus and highway fees.

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