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Ronald reagan factsRonald Reagan was born on the 6th of February, 1911. He lived 93 years and died in 2004, in June, 5th.

He was the 40th American president, from the 20th of January 1981 to January 20th, 1989. He served 8 years at the White House.

In 1984, the second time he was elected, Reagan received 525 electoral votes, the most of any in US candidate in history, gaining almost 59% of the vote, and won 49 states. Again, the record for the USA.

From 1981 to 1989, the top marginal tax rate dropped from 70% to 28%.

Two years before the collapse of the USSR, Reagan gave his famous Tear down this wall speech, which was directly linked to the fall of the Berlin Wall.

The previous presidency of Jimmy Carter left the country with a 12.5% inflation rate. After 8 years in the office, Reagan reduced it to 4.4%.

Ronald Reagan was a huge supporter of Roosevelt’s New Deal policies, and thus, becoming a democrat. When he decided to become a republican, the Democrat Party left him.

He is the first American President to have been divorced. He was initial married with his costar Jane Wyman in 1940, had two children and adopted a third child. Unhappy with Reagan’s political ambition, Wyman divorced him in 1949.

The economy policies that were enacted in 1981 were called Reaganomics. They aimed at reduction in social spending and enhancing entrepreneurship. His political excellence made him won the second term in 1985.

He was titled ‘the longest living American President’ in 2001. In the same year, an aircraft carrier was named USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76) to commemorate him. Though he died in 2004, the life of Ronald Reagan has taught us that if you strive honestly in life, then success is almost guaranteed.

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