Strange facts about Mont Saint Michel

June 1, 2012 | In: Geography Facts

Because it’s one of the most interesting tourist sites in the world, I’ll cut to the chase and give you only straightforward facts:

Mont-Saint-Michel was a stronghold of Romano-Breton culture, but it was ransacked by the French in the 6th or 7th century.
Mont-Saint-Michel was originally an abbey, but in the French Revolution, the monks fled and the abbey was closed and changed into a prison.

The extraordinary architecture of the Mont Saint-Michel and its bay make it the most visited place of interest in Normandy and the third in France. It is classified as a historic building since 1874.

This castle, built high on a rocky peak overlooking the bay, is one of medieval architecture’s greatest achievements. As I said, it was originally an abbey and a destination for Christian pilgrimages. But later, Mont Saint Michel has become a treasure to France.
Centered between Normandy and Great Britain, Mont Saint Michel combines history and romance to provide everything from ancient stone streets to romantic sunsets. It’s also in a great location. The D Day beaches lie only 100 kilometers(60 miles) away, and a short journey east will not only give you a glimpse of the Second World War, but also an extraordinary view of what France’s landscapes have to offer.

The mount’s altitude varies from + 5 meters (15 ft) to + 80 meters (250 ft) above sea level. The statue at the top of the church has an altitude of 170 meters (500 ft).

The climb to the abbey is a little hard… the trip to the gallery around the roof of the abbey church has no more than 900 steps, but I guarantee it’s worth it. Halfway up Grande-Rue is the medieval parish church of St-Pierre, which features a richly carved side chapel with its dramatic statue of St. Michael slaying the dragon.

Just look at the picture; it simply takes your breath away… A trip to Mont Saint Michel is a must for every history loving man.

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