The First University in the World

July 4, 2012 | In: History facts, Science facts

When you go to your grandparents, you use a car, a train or a plane. When you get dressed in the morning, you’re faced with a dilemma. When you eat, you have millions of possibilities from which to choose.

But how often do you think about the people who discovered or invented all the things we see and use in our everyday life?

I’m almost certain that not many times. Well, this article isn’t entirely about them. Here we’ll talk about the place that opened their minds towords creating a better life: the University, and more precisely, The First University in the World, Bologna.

It was founded in Northern Italy, almost 1000 years ago, in 1088, although many argue arount the precise date.

Personally, i think this University started what would later be Europe.

When people heard about a place where you could learn philosophy, theology, arts and natural sciences at the highest level, all in the same place, made ends meet and went to Bologna. This University gathered around many merchants, priests and teachers. Innevitably, the economy grew and with it, the whole city. That implied a bigger University, that could fit more students. Along with a bigger number of students, more money came to the city. But these students wanted rights, not just obligations. And so, the first student strike appeared. They wanted to have control over course content, the teachers salary and, of course, more faculties.

Soon after, these were granted.

Although it is a very small article, i wanted to show you guys how 9 centuries ago, some people gathered, read, thought together and litterally changed the world. You can too, if you try hard enough.

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