The most dangerous airports in the world

January 21, 2010 | In: Strange facts

Every time we fly we have that empty stomach feeling because between us and the earth are several thousand feet. But that feeling would become ten times stronger if you were to land on a strip of track that ends in a mountain or a cliff.

That is why those who are not very comfortable on the airplane seat and not eager for strong sensations would do well to avoid some airports.

Princess Juliana International Airport – Saint Martin

Princess Juliana International Airport is the second busiest airport in the eastern Caribbean. The airport is known for the very short track which is not quite enough for large airplanes. Because of this, the planes approach the island flying extremely low, just above the heads of tourists on Maho beach.

Airport Juancho E. Yrausquin – Saba

Juancho E. Yrausquin is the only airport in Caribbean island Saba. It is well known among experienced pilots for the way that airplanes have to land or take off from the airport. Yrausquin Airport covers a relatively large portion of the small island of Saba. Some aviation experts believe that this is one of the most dangerous airports in the world, even if not tragic accidents were recorded. The only airport runway is marked with an X in the end to show their pilots that the airport is closed for commercial flights.
The danger comes from the airport positioning. One side is flanked by high hills, and on the other side and both ends are gaps which descends into the sea. The pilots have to calculate very well both landing and departures.

Courchevel Airport – France
Courchevel is the name of a mountain resort in the French Alps, the largest ski area in the world. The airport enjoys a certain reputation in the aviation industry, because it has a very short runway.Courchevel Altiport is home to an extremely short uphill runway (1722 feet) with a vertical drop at the end.
The airport was used in the opening of the Tomorrow Never Dies movies from the James Bond series.

Lukla airport – Nepal
A huge mountain on one end and a gap of thousands of meters deep at the other. And as if not enough, is positioned at 2900 meters altitude. Lukla Airport is a small airport in the eponymous town in eastern Nepal.In January 2008, the Government of Nepal has decided to rename the airport after the first man who reached the top of Everest, Sir Edmund Hillary. The airport is quite popular as Luklais the place where most climbers begin their ascent of Mount Everest.

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