The strangest fruits

February 14, 2012 | In: Nature Facts

Today wPaw Paw fruite’ll talk about some odd fruits, that can only be found in remote areas, where you usually don’t have any business. Most of us know the common fruits(apples, bananas, pineapples, peaches, strawberries and so on) and of course, we like them.

But you would you feel if you’d try one of this fruits bellow?


Kiwano Melon or African Horned Melon – This spiny little fruit has a bright orange and yellow skin with a green and yellow pulp inside. The Kiwano Melon has a sweet yet tart flavor that tastes something like a banana, lime, and cucumber mix. It is native to southern Africa, but many are now grown in New Zealand and parts of California.


Durian – Durian is a southeast Asian fruit that can get up to 12 inches long and 6 inches in diameter. The color of the husk ranges from green to brown, with the flesh is red or pale yellow depending on the species. The odor of the opened fruit is so strong that it has led to the banishment of the fruit in some public places and hotels in throughout southeast Asia. Durian in mostly used to flavor sweets and desserts in southeast Asia.


Pitaya or Dragon Fruit – It is believed to have come from South America, and features beautiful flowers. The fruit has a bright red color, but some species are a light pink. The skin is a rind, and is usually covered with scales ( hence thename dragon fruit). The center of the fruit consists of a white or red sweet-tasting pulp. Dragon fruit is used in many desserts, making jam, and as an additive for cocktails.

Jabotacaba – This strange fruit grows in tropical areas such as South America, especially Brazil. The fruit looks very similar to black olives and grows on the branches of the tree, not on stems like typical fruit. Jabotacaba is often used in making jellies, jams, and wine.

Monstera Deliciosa – Despite this draconian name, believe it or not, it is a real plant. The Monstera Deliciosa is a tropical plant that comes from southern Mexico and Panama. It is used more as a house plant than an edible plant, but its culinary uses are highly known. Monstera is a vigorous climbing vine with thick stems and heart-shaped leaves sometimes up to 2 feet wide. It has a rather pungent odor that emits as the kernels ripen and pop off; once they do the sweet pineapple-like flesh can be consumed. The blooms remind me of a giant Peace Lilly bloom.

Paw Paw – This for all the American people. I bet few of you know that Paw Paw is the largest edible fruit in America. It grows on a deciduous tree that ranges in length from 12 to 20 feet. It has a rather big fruit, compared to the daily apple, and it can weigh from 5 to 16 ounces. It can grow up to 6 inches in diameter. The larger versions can become very plump, similar to a mango. A ripe Paw Paw has a thin skin and becomes soft.

So, the next time you eat a juicy peach, think about all the strange and delicious fruits the world has to offer. I wonder how a Monstera Deliciosa pie would taste like.

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