The strangest inventions

January 4, 2010 | In: Weird facts

Over time, there were a lot of inventions that helped the development of mankind and raised the living standards. We have shown that there are no limits.

There are some other types of inventions, those addressed to a particular segment of the population. by far, those are among the strangest things you’ve seen :

” The Mosquito” which scares teenagers
Howard Stapleton has invented a device at least bizarre. An electromechanical device aimed to scare young people, especially who create problems.

“The Mosquito” emits sound on frequencies that seem to be heard only by teenagers, adults are immune to them.

Also Stapleton, is the one who created, using the same principle, ringtones for your mobile phone that can be heard only by students . Teachers can’t.

Nothing is more unpleasant than the moments you do not know how to exit quickly from the room that simply … “you have gas”.
American Buck Weimer has found the perfect solution for this problem: anti-flatulence underwear.
The underwear aris made from a soft air-tight fabric (polyurethane-coated nylon). To maintain the air-tightness, elastic is sewn into the material around the waist and both legs.
A triangular “exit hole” for the flatus to be expelled is cut from the back of the air-tight underwear, near the bottom. This “exit hole” is covered with a “pocket” made of ordinary porous fabric sewn over the “exit hole”. This unique design forces all expelled gas (flatus) out through the “pocket”. (link)

A device that translates dog barking
Bow-Lingual is a mini-computer that enables communication between dog and man, translating what the animal is barking.
A wireless microphone is attached to the dog collar The device (which looks like a walkie-talkie and is provided with an LCD screen) translates what the dog tells .

Animal sounds are analyzed and placed into one of six categories: joy, sadness, frustration, need, assertion and defense.Once this was established, Bow-Lingual will arbitrarily choose a phrase which belongs to that category and will post on the screen.

Washing machine for cats and dogs
The inventors of this strange machine have thought in 1998 that animals should receive the same treatment as men when it comes to massage in the shower.

So, the automatic washing machine for animals is much safer and less stressful for quadruped.

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