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Pyramids in the World

One of the questions that continue to preoccupy the contemporary researchers is the process by which the Egyptian pyramids were built. Each block of the Pyramid of Khufu weighs between 15 to 1,000 tons. Royal bedroom ceiling is constructed from monolithic blocks of red granite, weighing 70 tons each and marked accurately. Ancient workers have outperformed the contemporary engineers, with blocks 300 times, easily.

French historians said that the transport of the tombstones from a tomb in Luxor to Paris lasted two months, many workers participating in the operation. This stones ware much lighter than the blocks used for pyramids. This tombstones appears ” thin ” monolithic agglomerations compared to Machu Picchu in Peru and Saksahu-Amane. Each of these huge stones, 6 meters long and 3 meters wide, are perfectly positioned in relation to each other. The level of precision is so great that, according to the American scientist Siegfried Hunter, can hardly be thought to have been made ??5.000 years ago.

Pyramid of the Sun – Mexico

Pyramid of the Sun is an impressing building, slightly smaller than the pyramid of Cheops on the Giza plateau. It has a height of 65 m and a base of 225 m.
It was built so that the eastern side is aligned exactly East and  theWest side westward, and the sun fall directly on top of the pyramid, at 12 o’clock in the days of May 19 and July 25. It is believed that in the pyramid can be found the source of the Holy Spirit.

The pyramids are geometric temples. Teotihuacan was one of the largest cities in America of his time and perhaps even in the world. However, experts have never been able to state with certainty who built this city and why it was abandoned. An international team of experts believe that the answer to these questions is hidden under the Pyramid of the Sun, which is in the center-ruin.

Ancient pyramid found in Bosnia

A team of archaeologists has discovered in March 2008 several blocks of smooth stone, which they say, form a terraced pyramid hidden beneath a hill in Bosnia, the only pyramid ever discovered in Europe.

The team of archaeologists began excavations in Visoko town in central Bosnia area to explore the theory that one of the hills in the area, measuring about 650 meters, hides a stepped pyramid. “These are fragments of stone blocks that make up the pyramid,” said Semir Osmanagic, a Bosnian archaeologist who specializes in the study of South American pyramids. “We can see that their surface is perfectly flat, which constitute the first evidence that we are dealing with the discovery of the first pyramid of European territory,” he said.

It is believed that after being discovered entirely, the pyramid will be at least one-third taller than the Great Pyramid of Cheops in Giza plateau in Egypt.

Wednesday discovered giant stone blocks are cut into cubes and well smoothed for a better combination. “Obviously, the smooth surfaces of these stone blocks was made by human hand,” the Bosnian archaeologist completed.

Satellite photos taken in the area have identified three small hills in the form of pyramids in Visoko valley, which could lead to the discovery of the first European pyramid complex that would rival the Egyptian and South American ones. Also, between the three hills seems to be a communication system of underground galleries. One of these tunnels was opened and some portion explored, making the archaeologists to state with certainty that this is again a building and not the result of a natural process.

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