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March 8, 2012 | In: Medical facts

People say that the human body must be viewed not as a flesh, but more of a piece of art, a living wonder that’s continuously evolving and adapting to the living conditions on Earth.

Truth is that we don’t know too much about the human body. Ok, we admit that there are lots of books already written about the anatomy and generally speaking, about the human body/brain/muscles; but whenever scientists believe that they have discovered everything, another medical case is reported, case that usually proves that there are lots of other things our body is capable of and that we don’t have a clue about them.


For example, did you know that, our heart(which is the main muscle after all) is so powerful that it can squirt the blood no less than 9 meters high? That’s because it’s programmed to deliver the blood even in the less accessible zones of the body, like the toes and fingertips, and therefore, in order to do this, it’s necessary for the heart to create lots of pressure inside the veins.

Or did you know that, whenever a muscle it’s injured, the brain will send signals to that area that will tell the muscles to recover firstly. This is why the skin heals way after the muscles. It’s part of the self-preservation system that tells our brain to do whatever it’s needed to survive: with a bruised/cut skin, everybody can live and survive. But we could not say the same about someone with a damaged muscle.

Thirdly and last, did you know that the biggest muscles from our body are not the vastus or the biceps femoris, and neither the back muscle? In fact, the largest and also one of the most powerful muscle groups are the buttocks. Without them, it would be impossible for the athletes to squat sprint or jump, but also to maintain the body straight. Unfortunately, not a lot of people realize the importance of having strong glutes, and therefore, they acknowledge them just as soft tissues to stay on.

Obviously, there are a lot of other interesting things about the human muscles. If you want us to do another one article with other crazy things about the muscles, leave a comment below, in the comments area.

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