Funny facts about Sweden

March 29, 2012 | In: Countries facts

Because it’s ofunny sweden factsne of my favorite countries, I’ll be sharp:

Sweden is the 1st country that allows you to pay your taxes by SMS. From 2004.

Swedish taxes are probably the biggest in the world, measuring between 50-80% from your total income.

Parents can save up their maternity leave for more than 5 years.

Daycare cost is based on your family income with a government imposed maximum. Currently this is about 1/10th as much as in the U.S.!.

If you have a new child, your other children get a month of free daycare so you can concentrate on the new one.

All employers (as of 2004) are required to provide free massage.

Any product you purchase is guaranteed for 1 year, and the retailer must exchange it if it fails in that time. This includes things like clothes and shoes.

20% of the country’s police stations close during the summer, because everyone is on vacation.

American textbooks are cheaper in Sweden than in the U.S.

In Sweden IKEA is a cheap store, not a trendy store. And they are only open until 8pm on special days.

Recycling is taken so seriously that one company (FTI) is trying to put up video cameras to make sure people sort their recyclables correctly. This happened in 2006.

Privacy is taken so seriously that putting up video cameras in laundry rooms to catch vandals is illegal.

All non-military property that is not fenced in, or is not a farm or someone’s personal garden is open to anyone for hiking through or camping for one night.

I hope these Swedish laws show you how this northern country has one of the best social service in the world, among many others, and doesn’t just sell furniture in that yellow-blue Hypermarket.

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