interesting facts about rap and rappers

September 6, 2009 | In: Music facts

Rap music or hip-hop, genre originating in the mid-1970s among black and Hispanic performers in New York City.

Hip Hop artists have the highest incarceration rates of any musical genre’s artists list.

2pac is credited with being the first rapper to popularize tattoos in the rap community.

First hip hop radio show was Mr Magic, WHBI FM, 1979.

Snoop Dog got his name from his mother. she gave him the nickname because his eyes reminded her of Snoopy the cartoon dog from Charlie Brown.

The real reason Mase left hip hop & Harlem is because of heavy extortion, not an epiphany from God.

Before biggie was famous, him and Tupac Shakur were good friends, Tupac would often let Biggie appear on stage with him, to help get Biggie’s talents noticed,
Eminem had naturally red hair as a child.

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