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Ah yes… the rhino, that big, natural armor plated animal that still looks like it did 100 million years ago.

I, personally, like this exciting animal, both when he is small, or a massive bull. But let’s get to the facts.

The most common rhino species are the black rhino and the white rhino.

The White Rhino isn’t exactly white, as you would expect. It’s name comes from the dutch “wite”, meaning wide. But who thought that rhinos are wide. In fact, the name comes from its square muzzle, adapted for grazing. You can recognize the  White Rhino by it’s grey color, the hump on its back and the long face. But that doesn’t mean he’s upset, you know.

The Black Rhino is, in fact, blacker than the white one, but not all black. It is known also as the hooked-lipped rhino, and has 3 toes on each leg, which is a quite odd situation for its specie. As well as the white rhinoceros, it has 2 horns on its nose, the bigger one on the tip and the smaller one in the back.

The rhinos are very social creatures, living in packs and often overlapping with other packs territories. But that never starts a fight. These animals know that food, shelter and water must be shared.

But when a human comes in their territory, the situation changes. The rhino is well-known for its vicious attitude when provoked.

But the reason for its out of nowhere attacks rely on their poor eyesight. I’m sure you saw movies with almost crazy rhino attacking almost nothing. That’s because they sensed an unusual smell.

All in all, if you ever get close to one, try not to pet it. This is a creature that can kill you without very much effort.

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