Top power lifters in the world

March 20, 2012 | In: Animal facts for kids

Power lifterPower-lifting is a competitive and inclusive sport for both man and women, young and old. The main rule in this sport is to lift as much weight as you can.

But don’t get fooled by the fact that power-lifting is a human only sport. In fact, humans aren’t even the best in the world. Let’s see how the other creatures of the world can handle lifting great weights. I’ll make a 9 place podium, starting with number 9:

9- The grizzly bear: can lift 1200lb (600kg), meaning 0.8 its body weight;

8- The ox: can pull and carry 2000lb(1000kg), approximately 1.5 times its body weight;

7- The elephant: can carry 20,000lb(10,000kg), 1.7 times its body weight;

6- The tiger: 1200lb(600kg), twice its body weight;

5- Human: the strongest man in the world, Zydrunas Savickas, managed to lift 2,3 times his own body weight, meaning almost 900lb(450 kg);

4- On the fourth place we have a bird, the African Crowned Eagle. This bird can lift 36lb(18kg). That’s 4 times its body weight.

3- The gorilla: 4600lb(2300k). Ten times its body weight;

2- The leafcutter ant. This little insect can lift 20 times its body weight. That is the equivalent of a man lifting a family car.

O the top of this 9 place podium is a little insect that feeds only on feces. It is forced to carry incredible amounts of food to its den, and maybe that is why Mother Nature gave the Dung Beetle the power to lift 1000 times its own body weight. To give you an idea, think of an average 150lb(80 kg) man lifting six double decker busses. Pretty strong, don’t you think?

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