Types of sharks

August 3, 2012 | In: Animal facts for kids

Even though i don’t even like to read scientific articles, i’m going to write one right now. But don’t worry, it’ll be fun to read, because to only scientific thing in it will consist in some names.

But look on the bright side: if you need a report for the biology course, you’ll brake a leg.

There are 8 shark orders, which i will name in an historical order:

Hexanchiformes: the first shark specie, that looked more like a snake.

Squaliformes: bramble, dogfish and rough sharks.

Pristiophoriformes: saw sharks, that use their snrout to slash the fish that they eat.

Squatiniformes: angel sharks.

Orectolobiformes: zebra, nursa and whale sharks.

Heterodontiformes: bullhead or horn sharks.

Charcarhiniformes: blue, tiger, bull, reef, hound sharks, hammerhead sharks, catsharks and many others.

Lamniformes: also known as the mackerel sharks. Among them, the goblin, basking, megamouth, thresher, shortfin and longfin mako and one particullarily interesting one, the megamouth shark.

And now we’re done with the boring things, but i’m sure you can use this information when you need it.

Did you know that mature sharks can measure from 6 inches to 40 ft in length?

The smallest one is the dwarf lanternshark and the biggest, the whale shark. Funny thing, the whale shark is not carnivorous, and it feeds only on plancton, by filtering the water.

Most sharks live in salty water, but the bull shark can sometimes be found in fresh water rivers, where he looks for female sharks.

As you know, there are hundreds of shark species around the world, and so, I apolagize if you didn’t find what you were interested in here. But I bet you really learned something.

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