Interesting Facts About Sleep

June 20, 2009 | In: Medical facts

Humans sleep on average around three hours less than other primates like chimps, rhesus monkeys, squirrel monkeys and baboons, all of whom sleep for 10 hours.

Elephants sleep standing up during non-REM sleep, but lie down for REM sleep.

Over 20% of the american population suffers from significant sleep disorders.

One in six road accidents happens because of sleepy drivers.

Eight hours of sleeping gives sixteen hours of work.

REM sleep is so called because our eyes can be seen to move under our eyelids.

If you average only 6 hours of sleep at night, your immunity to viral infection can be affected by 50%.Poor sleep can make us more vulnerable to viruses which cause the common cold or influenza.

60% Males and 40% Females over the age of 60 snore.

One-third of young adults are pathologically sleepy during the day.

We move on average 40 times in bed per night.

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