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September 12, 2012 | In: Nature Facts

Noctilucent Clouds

Mysterious phenomenon created by global warming above the Earth.

A mysterious phenomenon occurs above our planet, helped by the smoke left by meteorites. In addition, the pollution caused by man brings an important contribution to this process. This phenomenon is both a sight to delight us and at the same time it raises questions regarding the pollution made ??by man. The clouds are especially spectacular in the sunset, but what they hide it’s a mystery.

“We have detected noctilucenti clouds in meteorites smoke” was describing the NASA expert, James Russell, from The Hampton American University. According Sott, findings show that the smoke left behind from passing meteors through the atmosphere plays an important role in the formation of these brighter clouds.

The phenomenon is one that has baffled scientists, always being observed since the 19th century. In 1885, people in the North had observed, after the eruption of Krakatoa, some spectacular sunsets. The one who first discovered the noctilucent clouds was the German TW Backhouse. The phenomenon rarely happens nowadays, scientists have not been able to explain what role had the eruption of a volcano in its production.

Global warming is to blame now?

One thing is certain. The dust that contributes to the formation of these clouds is the cosmic dust left behind by meteorites. This connection was made by Mark Hervig, the GATS company profile. Along with his team, they made ??this discovery and it’s clear that it is a bit of mystery that clouds glow in the darkness of night. In the past, they were seen only in the northern regions, but lately it began appearing increasingly often in other areas of the planet.

Due to the global warming phenomenon intensifies.

The study of noctilucents clouds can provide important information about Earth. For example, the fact that they are now produced on many areas of the Earth, looks like the global warming is an important contribution to production phenomenon.

The intensification of agriculture, mining activities and other modern activities that emit methane (greenhouse gas) have a great contribution to the necessary conditions for this phenomenon to take place more and more often.

Mystery clouds shining in the night – What’s wrong with our planet?

In the northern parts of Europe, has recently noticed a mysterious and spectacular phenomenon. Clouds that can light the night sky, appeared again, prompting questions from those who saw it.
“It was like water in the sky,” said Barbara Grudzinska, who managed to photograph the phenomenon. She witnessed the event and managed to capture it in Poland.
It’s the first time when bright clouds can be seen in Europe this year. In addition, the view was not impeded by bad weather. Often, clouds of this type can be seen in areas where the aurora borealis is usually visible.

However, in the recent years, noctilucenti clouds appear on more and more regions on Earth, reaching even in states Colorado, Utah, Virginia and Kansas (USA). It seems that their spread is a sign of climate change taking place on Earth. They can be seen just after sunset, in a blue color.

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