Fun facts about Johannesburg

April 18, 2012 | In: City Facts

Johannesburg, South Africa, is the most tree populated city in the world. It has 10.000.000 trees, making it the biggest man made forest ever to be made throughout history.

Here’s some gold-worth information: 40 percent of the world’s gold is found in Johannesburg. That is why the city is also known as Egoli, meaning The Place of Gold.

The Johannesburg Zoo is the proud owner of the only 2 polar bears on the entire African Continent.

Again, 40 percent of the remains of our human ancestors are found on the city’s outskirts.

The African city sits6000 feet(2000 m) above the sea level. Here’s an interesting fact for you: because of the altitude, it takes 90 seconds longer to boil an egg than if you were to do that exact thing on the coast, because the air is thinner al high altitudes.

Two of the city’s stadiums hosted the Soccer World Cup tournament matches. Soccer City, Africa’s own calabash, has a capacity for 98 000 spectators and has been nominated for the Fulton Award, held every two years to honor top construction companies for remarkable structures they’ve built. Coca Cola Park on the other hand can host 62 000 spectators and even offers Braai facilities on the north side of the stadium.

Johannesburg’s daily and annual traffic is surely worth mentioned. It is the city with the highest number of highways from everywhere inSouth Africa which not only makes it an easy to reach destination, but getting lost is a definite possibility. Highways include N1 from Cape Town and Harare in Zimbabwe, N3 from Durban, N4 from Nelspruit and the Kruger National Park, as well as Botswana, N12 from Kimberley and Potchefstroom, N14 from Upington and Namibia.

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