interesting facts about recycling

December 21, 2009 | In: Nature Facts

Did you know that people are used to recycle since ancient times?

58% of U.S. newspapers are recycled. If all of our newspapers were recycled, we could save about 250 million trees each year!

There is no limit to the amount of times an aluminum can be recycled.

It takes half a barrel of crude oil to produce the rubber in just one tire.

Up to 80% of a vehicle can be recycled.

It takes just 25 two litre drink bottles to make one adult size fleece.

Austria is the “recycling champion” in the European Union. Austria reuses about 60% of all of the waste produced.

Greece, on the other hand, recycles only 10% of the total waste it produces, being the last place of the list.

In the 70s , Woodbury city in the U.S. state of New Jersey was the first city in the country to introduce mandatory recycling.

In 2 weeks, Americans throw enough glass bottles and jars out to fill the New York Trade Center’s twin towers.

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