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July 16, 2012 | In: Sport Facts

Let’s relax a little. Thing about the time when your brother or your best friend didn’t want to give back something that was rightfully yours; or even something you borrowed him. It’s kind of frustrating, I know. The only thing you wanted to do was to punch him. But you didn’t… And if you did, you probably regretted it soon after.

The funny thing is that people always fought each other. That is why in Ancient times, people invented some rules, gathered them under the same sport and went along with fist fighting, mainly for the fun of it. Thus, box was invented. There are many rules and many things one should know in order to box. In this article I’ll talk about boxing facts for kids, because you don’t need to know all there is to know about this sport.

Boxing was introduced as an Olympic sport in 688 B.C. in Ancient Greece. Their Muhammad Ali was named Onomastos Smyrnaios.

One interesting box fact about Ancient Greece is that they didn’t encourage Knock Out’s, or even actual fighting. The main goal for a boxer was to avoid taking hits from the opponent until he gives up. For example, one fighter avoided fists for two long days before his opponent gave up.

We all know that boxers fight in a Ring. Ever wondered why the Ring is square? That is because in Ancient Rome, the fight had to take place in drawn circle.

In modern times, the most prolific fighter, with 336 wins and 127 loses is Len Wickwar. In almost 20 years, he fought 463 bouts.

Archie Moore, an American boxer, still holds the record for the number of knockouts in a boxing career: 141.

And the last one: Most knockouts in a row record belongs to Lamar Clark- 44 KO’s in two years.

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