Interesting facts about running

June 1, 2009 | In: Sport Facts

One hour of jogging burns 500 calories.

A thirty minute jog three times each week has helped many people control weight however, there’s a difference between controlling weight and losing it.

Estimates are that there are upwards of 75 million total runners in the USA (includes all levels and abilities).

Using high-tech brain imaging scans, the neuroscientists took images of 10 runners’ brains before and after a two-hour run. What they found: Endorphins flooded the brain during exercise and gathered around areas of the brain responsible for feel-good moods and emotion–hence the blissful high. (

Most Marathons Completed: Horst Preisler of Germany completed 949 marathons between 1974 and March 2000.

Longest Distance Covered in One Hour (Men) Arturo Barrios 13 miles 197 yards (Women) Tegla Loroupe 11 Miles 697.4 Yards.

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